New Zealand´s South Island

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1st edition July 2016. Scale 1:600.000. All of New Zealand is a travel paradise, but we particularly enjoy the larger and more wild South Island as a travel adventure. One side of the map covers the far south - Invercargill and Dunedin, Stewart Island, Milford Sound, north to Mount Cook in the Southern Alps. The other side continues north through Christchurch to Nelson on the north Coast and shows the ferry crossing to Wellington, on North Island. This side also includes a large and detailed inset map of Christchurch, which is still rebuilding after the horrific earthquake of a few years ago. This is a brand new map for ITMB, resulting from strong demand for another map that is sadly been discontinued. We hope to re-create a map of the North Island as well.

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18 Most Photogenic Places on The South Island of New ...

In the island's south, you'll find volcanoes around Tongariro National Park. While both islands have beaches, the North Island has more of the traditional white-sand beaches that are perfect for swimming. Cathedral Cove at Coromandel Peninsula. New Zealand's South Island is

New Zealand South Island Tours (Updated 2020)

I'm excited to share 17 of our favorite South Island New Zealand hidden gems and lesser known spots that deserve a moment in the limelight. (And if you're looking for our favorite must see tourist spots, be sure to check out our South Island Bucket List!) 17 South Island New Zealand Hidden Gems. For a map of all the locations listed, click ...


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