Conflict Management in the Familiy Field and other close relationships

FORFATTER Pia Deleuran ed.
ISBN 9788757423037
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The ideas and ethos of mediation and different techniques used in mediation have gradually become better known and more highly valued in the legal system.Many professionals worldwide find that mediation's benefits - both for society as a whole and for those unable to resolve their disputes on their own - are huge. This can lead them to try to convince others that many creative opportunities are lost if mediation is not considered as an appropriate means of dispute resolution. Voluntary participation remains, however, one of the cornerstones of the mediation process. It creates a special dynamic in enabling people to recognize and take up the opportunities that mediation offers to them.This book is therefore a collection of texts from experts working in many different fields and in different countries around the world: Australia, U.K., US and Denmark. This sharing of experience and insight helps us all to reflect ion ways of improving systems currently in operation in our respective countries.The book is published with financial support from Margot and Thorvald Dreyers Fond.ContentsOutlining the Idea of the Bookby attourney and mediator Pia DeleuranForewordby president of the Danish Family Lawyers, attourney and mediator Anja CordesChapter 1. '(Naughty) Departures': Expertise, Orthodoxy and the Role of Theory in the Practice of Mediationby mediator Barbara WilsonChapter 2. Guerilla Mediation: The Use of Warfare Strategies in the Management of Conflictby mediator Robert BenjaminChapter 3. Managing Courtroom Communication: Reflections of an Observerby mediator, facilitator and judicial educator Joanna KalowskiChapter 4. Mediating High Conflict Couplesby mediator Henry BrownChapter 5. Family Mediation and Childrenby mediator Lisa ParkinsonChapter 6. Family Violence and Family Mediation in Australiaby mediator Dale BagshawChapter 7. Mediation as a Process for Healingby mediator Greg RooneyChapter 8. Neighbour War and Peace on Danish TVby journalist Camilla EmborgChapter 9. Interview with Fay Weldon about Sex and Gender Issues in Conflict Situationsby journalist Sabrine MønstedChapter 10. Negotiation Styles and Strategies: The Influence from Sex and Gender Dynamicsby lawyer Tina Bolbjerg Winther-NielsenChapter 11. Silencing the Self: Inner Dialogues and Outer Realitiesby psychologist Dana Crowley JackList of AuthorsMediation as a Way ForwardThis anthology is one out of four books in the Danish project 'Mediation as a Way Forward' (Mediation som mulighed). The other three books are mainly in Danish and cover the subjects of:The role of the lawyer in mediation: Partsadvokatens rolleMediation in the IT-field: Konflikthåndtering i IT projekterMediation in cases about real estate and in the construction field: Konflikthåndtering af sager om fast ejendom og byggeri

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For families that own and manage businesses, this is a problem. Conflict avoidance leads people to avoid Henry, the grandfather and family patriarch, had managed to turn a small corner store into a national chain and market leader. Both the business and the close relationships were now gone.

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Download Now. saveSave Conflict Management in the Family For Later. 19 views. A family is a set of people who are related by blood, marriage (or some other agreed-upon relationship), or. adoption who share the primary responsibility for reproduction and caring for members of society...


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