The Peterlee project 1976-1977

FORFATTER Stuart Brisley
ISBN 9788793108127
FILNAVN The Peterlee project 1976-1977.pdf The Peterlee project 1976-1977 Image
Table of ContentsPerforming History: Some Keywords Dr Sanja PerovicThe Peterlee Project in Tate Archive Representation of parts of The Peterlee Project as it is held in Tate ArchiveThe Peterlee Project 1976-77 Edited from Stuart Brisley´s Peterlee Project notesPeterlee New Town Edited from Stuart Brisley´s Peterlee Project notesOf Commune and Community Tim Brennan

The Peterlee project 1976-1977 er en god bog. Denne bog er skrevet af forfatter Stuart Brisley. På vores hjemmeside kan du læse Stuart Brisley bog online og også downloade det gratis!

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The text gives an overview of the 'Artist Project Peterlee' and the '2nd Peterlee Report'. The images are of: a Victory in Europe or Victory in Japan party, 1945-46, at Old Street, Holden; a coal miner working in a pit; and three women in service, at Castle Eden. Text and images are mounted on board.

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