The Nordic Contracts Act

FORFATTER Torgny Håstad
ISBN 9788757498196
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The Nordic Contracts Act is a product of the intense legislative co-operation in the private law area between Denmark, Norway and Sweden in the first two decades of the 20th century. The Act was promulgated in Sweden in 1915, in Denmark in 1917 and in Norway in 1918. After their independence Finland followed suit in 1929 and Iceland in 1936. The Act is essentially identical in all five countries and on the whole still in force in its original form.This book is the second volume of a Festschrift written by leading Nordic scholars in celebration of the Nordic Contracts Act’s one hundredth anniversary of its first promulgation. The first volume is written in Nordic languages and has the title »Aftaleloven 100 år«.The essays include an overview of Nordic contract law, pre-contractual liability, agency, passivity, construction of contractual terms, changed circumstances, unfair contract terms and protection of weaker parties, contractual duty of loyalty (good faith and fair dealing), privity of contract and direct claims, a comparison between the Nordic Contracts Act and CISG, and DCFR in the Swedish Supreme Court.

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An Overview of Nordic Contract Law - Resultat

Updated June 2009 corresponding to Act of 19 June 2009 No. 77 The Act relating to Insurance Contracts (The Insurance Contracts Act) This translation is for information purposes only. Legal authenticity remains with the original Norwegian version as published in the Norwegian Law Gazette - "Norsk Lovtidend".

The Nordic Contracts Act - Essays in Celebration of its ...

Bag om Aftaleloven 100 år & The Nordic Contracts Acts. Dette tobindsværk spænder over bind 1 Aftaleloven 100 år - Baggrund, status, udfordringer, fremtid samt bind 2 The Nordic Contracts Act - Essays in Celebration of its One Hundredth Anniversary til særpris.


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